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Eligibility Requirements


  • ​The WAVE Fund is designed to provide assistance to low-income residents of the City of Detroit. Proof of low-income status must be provided in the form of Department of Human Services credentials, evidence of unemployment benefits, social security and/or disability benefits.

  • The account must be in the resident's or spouse's name and the applicant must live at the account address.

  • The customer should discuss bill payment options with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) before applying for WAVE Fund assistance.

  • Service must be off or a shut-off notice received. Shut-off notice is waived for seniors over 62 years old (Overdue notice is sufficient).

  • WAVE assists with paying the dollar amount needed to restore or maintain water services. The maximum allowance for assistance is 50% of the bill up to $500.

  • Customers may receive WAVE Fund help only once in any calendar year.

  • The WAVE Fund assistance must restore service or assure service continuation for at least 30 days.

  • The customer must make arrangements with DWSD to pay any remaining balance over the amount of the WAVE funding provided.

  • Applicants should apply for all other state federal or private assistance.

  • Participation in a utility budget payment plan, utility efficiency education counseling, or other programs may be a condition for receiving WAVE Fund assistance.

  • Customers eligible for Positive Billing (vendoring) are not eligible for WAVE Fund assistance.

  • Exception to the above policies can be made in extenuating circumstances with a written explanation and approval by the Executive Director or a quorum vote by the Board of Directors.

The below requirements must be met to be eligible for WAVE Assistance