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Volunteer Champions

The Volunteer Champions consist of business professionals and concerned citizens who care about every individual having access to safe drinking water. This group helps to organize and plan fundraising efforts on behalf of WAVE.

WAVE volunteers are the engine that keep the organization moving.

Donna Stallings, Walker-Miller Energy Services, Chair

Vertrice Allen, Walker-Miller Energy Services
​Gloria Bridges, Walker-Miller Energy Services
Rosemarie Brinker, Brinker Group
Tarolyn Buckles, Onyx Enterprise
Lula CowgerCitizen Volunteer
Latricia Giddens, US Army
Bianca Graves, LEBS Group
​Charnette Henderson, SmithBerrie Accents
Ricardo Jackson, DLZ Michigan
Charlotte Nichols, CDM Michigan
Linda Philson, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Zavia Ferguson, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department